January 11


So many people make the decision to look after their health at the beginning of each new year. 

Although we believe that weight management should be ongoing (like dental hygiene) we appreciate that there are always obstacles in our lives that can cause setbacks and falling off the wagon.

It’s common for some people to feel disappointed or ashamed that they did not continue a healthy eating plan once they found one that worked well for them. Perhaps you started to work from home and became too busy or you made a choice that other people were more important than you. 

Whatever your reason it is perfectly normal. It’s human nature. 

We start, we commit, we’re enthusiastic, all guns are blazing, and then life gets in the way, and then we fall off the wagon.

Actually, what happens is that we revert back to old habits. Old habits feel familiar, they feel comfortable and as most of them were developed when we were very young, they are ingrained and very hard to break. 

Habits are strong predictors of future behaviour, and when the going gets tough, or when demands of life take your attention away from your new eating plan, these old habits resurface and take over.

The main thing to remember is not to worry, don’t feel guilty, and don’t think you’re a failure. 

If you are willing to make a new commitment to creating new habits, the Keto Fitness online program will work you through how to make new habits take hold.

Here’s a lesson from quit smoking programs. The greater the number of times a quitter falls off the wagon, only to try quitting again… the closer they get to being a non-smoker for life. It’s a journey.

We’d like to share with you what our programs involve. 

When you first start the program, you may have some side effects due to the dietary changes. These side effects could include headache, lethargy, moodiness, brain fog, constipation or any number of little things that normally pass quickly. 

These symptoms are a good thing as they signal that your body is undergoing the change from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner, and fat-burning is exactly where you want to be.

Our 8 week step-by-step program includes the following 10 success steps in your first month:

1. Getting your kitchen ready

Clear your cupboards, desk drawer and car of any foods and drinks that are not in your Daily Planner. Attack the pantry first, then the fridge. Don’t test your willpower by allowing this sabotage opportunity to be present.

2. Visualise your goal

Complete the Vision Statement section of your Daily Planner. Having a clear vision – one you can actually “see” in your mind – and reading it every day helps you to program a positive mindset.

3. Make a commitment to record everything

Ensure that everything you eat and drink is recorded in your Daily Planner – whether or not it was planned. This helps identify problems and develop strategies to deal with obstacles that will occur.

4. Identify your triggers

What people, situations, times, or days signal the return of an old habit that deviates from your healthy eating plan? Will you avoid them, or figure out ways to stop them throwing you off plan.

5. Let others know that you’ve made this new commitment

The influence of your family, friends and work colleagues can be very powerful. If you don’t tell them they won’t know how to help. Who knows, they might actually want to join you? Just be aware that you may have one friend or family member who thinks they’ll serve you by sabotaging your efforts. Watch out for them!

6. Set your boundaries

What are you willing to avoid to achieve your goals? Over time, the power of these temptations becomes gradually less and less. You will get comfortable with saying No thanks.

7. Commit to the “must do’s”

Adequate water, stress reduction strategies, 7-9 hours of good quality sleep, adding salt to your meals, and engaging in daily activity and movement are important for your weight loss and health management. Get some sunshine every day.

8. Plan ahead

Take advantage of the Sample Menu Plan and Shopping List to plan your meals each week. Being organised means that being tired or busy doesn’t stop you from eating well.

9. Always have your Daily Planner with you

Your Daily Planner monitors what you’ve done, your meals, activity, sleep, weight, and any challenges faced plus allows you to do forward planning for the upcoming week.

10. Ask questions

You will make mistakes. You will have questions. You will need help. Accept that you are not alone and ask questions whenever you need.

Finding an eating plan that allows you to eat fresh foods that you and your family enjoy, without feeling deprived or hungry is one of the strengths of our program. 

Exercise is optional but we encourage you to move daily to keep your muscles toned and this really helps your general health and wellbeing.

The added accountability of your Daily Planner keeps you on track and inspired.

If you have made the decision that NOW is the time for you to start (or restart) then we would love to help you on your journey.

Click on the Lose Weight Now button at the top of the page to start on your journey.


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