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Losing weight for many people means being able to lose weight without losing muscle tone. This means losing fat but not metabolically-active lean tissue.

We’ve put together these 13 tips to get you started on your fat loss journey the right way.

1.Incorporate a healthy eating plan for you

Everybody is different in their food and drink requirements so it’s important to find out what works for you and just do that. Our eating plans are based on fresh foods prioritising adequate protein in all meals and snacks, to both prevent hunger and avoid loss of lean tissue (tone). Portion control is also important as are specific steps to avoid hunger and cravings. 

Together these steps make the weight loss journey easier and more sustainable for you.

2.Get good quality sleep

Ensuring at least 8 hours of good quality sleep aids fat loss, reduces the risk of obesity and can help maintain lean muscle tissue. Sleep restriction can increase levels of ghrelin (the hormone associated with hunger) and decreases the levels of leptin (the hormone associated with satiety). Sleep deprived people tend to snack more and choose both carb-rich and sweet-tasting foods which will increase blood sugar and insulin as well as total calories consumed. Like alcohol, these foods block fat burning!

3.Exercise at least 3–4 times a week

Our bodies are made to move. Exercise or activity can include walking, jogging, cycling, some form of resistance training, interval training like circuit workouts, swimming, stair-climbing, yoga, or Pilates. Choose what you enjoy and will stick to and find some time every day. 

Here’s a super simple exercise tip. After every main meal, leave the table and go out the front door. Walk for 5 minutes in any direction and then walk back. That’s 10 minutes in total. Three times per day is 30 mins. Seven days a week is 210 minutes. You can do that!

4.Focus on one thing at a time

Stay focused on what you can eat, not what you can’t. Choose water over soft drinks or juice. Choose to think positively about things and people instead of negatively. Choose to go to bed and read a book instead of watching another late-night episode on Netflix.

5.Spend time outdoors and in nature

Spending time outdoors is not only good for your body and your mind but can also slow ageing. By lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol you help your body reduce fat around the tummy. Having some outdoor or nature time can strengthen immunity and increase energy levels which helps with better sleep.

Getting sunshine on the eyeballs in the morning is a great way to help normalise your circadian rhythm, helping you sleep better.

6.Keep practicing

Perfect practice makes permanent so new habits should be done over and over until they become set in stone. If we’re tired or hungry this is when we go back to old unhealthy habits – so beware!!! You will have slip-ups but recognise that a day or two of slip-ups does not mean all is lost. Get back on plan. Recognise and say goodbye to the unhealthy habits.

7.Start small to build momentum

Start with one healthy habit to incorporate into your daily routine and add one new habit at a time. Small steps get great long-term results. Adding small steps builds momentum and when you have some small wins, celebrate them. Look back at where you were and reflect on how far you have come. We call this celebrating your Gain.

8.Optimize your work environment

Whether you work from home, an office, or a combination ensure your environment is set up for results. Get rid of all off-plan foods and drinks, ensure good light, a standing desk if possible or at least take two-minute breaks every hour to stretch, climb stairs, do some push-ups or stretching, getting fresh air and sunlight. Make sure you keep a healthy work-life balance, especially when working from home.

9.Prioritize tasks and say No to multitasking

Decision fatigue can put our mindset in a spin. Studies have shown multitasking can make you fat. Lack of self-control, juggling too many things can reduce focus and working on autopilot makes it hard for your body to understand hunger and fullness cues, resulting in overeating. 

10.Work on yourself – daily 

Make your weight and health your most important project, or hobby. Exercise, sleep healthily, enjoy mealtimes, getting daily sunshine and having walks, doing meditation, yoga, and socialisation are all important and contribute to your level of happiness.

11.Keep your mind healthy

Our mind and body are very closely connected so having activities that use our brain help our health and weight, and slow ageing. Try sudoku, chess, Jigsaw puzzles, backgammon or commit to learning a new language, a musical instrument or hobby. Research has found that listening to music, especially classical, can help your brain focus better.

12.Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Stay hydrated with low or no-sugar drinks. Water is of course readily available but if you enjoy drinking coffee (black or with a little cream) or any kind of drink with caffeine including green tea, preferably before noon as it can disrupt sleep if drunk too late in the day. Keep a bottle of water at your desk at all times.

13.Reduce clutter to increase concentration

Stress is a contributing factor for many people trying to lose weight so it’s important to work out what are your stress triggers. For many reducing clutter can be a great start. Clutter may be around your home or workspace or it may be the clutter in your head. So have a spring clean of your home or workspace. If your mind needs a declutter then practicing mindfulness or meditation techniques can be very valuable to relieve stress and increase clarity and concentration.

We hope you try some of these tips for fat loss success. By combining as many as you can they will complement each other for a better outcome. Enjoy the process.

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