May 3


If you are not enjoying being at your best weight and your best health, then chances are you need some tuning-up not just on diet and activity but also on your mental game. 

Long term weight loss starts in the head. 

We all have our own set of excuses based on our thoughts and beliefs. It might be time to make the decision to ditch old habits and beliefs that aren’t working and find some strategies that reduce or eliminate any potential self-sabotage.

Are you ready?

Before we look at the Mindset BREADS for successful weight loss and ongoing weight management you might like to prepare your willingness to make any changes by answering these 10 questions:

  1. Where is your mindset now? Are you ready to commit to making change?
  2. Where is your weight and health now? How are you feeling?
  3. What 1-3 words describes how you feel now?
  4. Where do you want to be? How would you like to be feeling? 
  5. What 1-3 words describes how you’d like to feel?
  6. What do you want to do and what do you like doing? 
  7. What things do you love to do that provide internal motivation?
  8. Do you have an all-or-nothing attitude? Risky!
  9. Are you willing to make some small daily changes?
  10. Do you have other goals besides weight loss that are important to you?

If you are ready to make some changes to complement your weight and your health then these 6 Mindsets are a great start:

Belief system – building resilience gives people positive belief in themselves and what they can do and achieve. Resilience is the mental toughness to face and overcome adversity. It allows you to take action, not to fear failure, embrace learning and growing and cultivate courage. Resilience also helps your focus and allows you to take criticism onboard. 

Quote: “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” Nelson Mandela

Relationships – a strong social support network adds to your life. It gives you respect, empathy, accountability, commitment, trust, communication, companionship and feeling heard, mutual intimacy and energy. It also is fun celebrating small wins with your support network. 

Hint: Be aware of those who may be saboteurs. You may need to avoid them for a while. Connect with like-minded people on the same journey.

Education – learning new skills and practicing these new skills and habits is a great way to replace old unhealthy habits with new healthy habits to support your new lifestyle. Some of these new habits may include meal-planning, meal prep, managing portion control, low carb foods, preventing hunger, identifying craving triggers, and exercise options (what type, how much, how hard and how often). 

Find what foods and drinks work for your body, facilitates restorative sleep, works for your social life and helps you manage your stress levels. Activities like listening to music, doing puzzles, walking in nature, learning a new hobby or language can boost cognitive function which also make you more open to learning.

Attitude – be positive as optimists live longer. Take personal responsibility for your behaviour and make healthy choices. Journal, recording food, sleep and exercise, and track your progress.

Be realistic with goals. You may have to rethink rewards and punishments. Surround yourself with positive people who are encouraging and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Recognise negative internal dialogue. It’s not about an all or nothing attitude. Don’t be unrealistic but if you do fall off the plan, dust yourself off and get straight back. Learn to say goodbye to “I can’t do this” or “This is too hard”.

Determination – stay committed to your plan and never give up. Focus on what works for you and avoid things you know get in the way of your success. This is different for everyone, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Find what works for you and press repeat on those things. Let go of things that don’t bring you towards your goal. 

Have patience, set small realistic goals, get coaching and/or support, pre-plan your days or weeks, reward small wins along the way and embrace your gains. Above all, have patience.

Serenity – practice internal peace and calmness with breath work, meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music – whatever brings you joy and adds to your self-care. Practice mindful eating by chewing food slowly and putting down cutlery between each mouthful.

Being your best weight and enjoying good health is a personal decision for you to make. It is a lifelong journey and having healthy habits and a healthy relationship with your body makes being and staying healthy easier.

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