Creator of the Keto Fitness program

Since 2002 we've been focused on helping people (mainly between 35 and 65) lose weight.

The programs we developed (Healthy Inspirations and Dietflex) combined low carb food plans, weekly coaching and resistance exercise.

In the beginning we used an old fashioned approach called C.I.C.O. being "Calories In Calories Out" or, more simply "Eat Less and Exercise More".  

Although C.I.C.O. sounds sensible and scientific, we found that it hardly ever worked in practice. The main reason? Hunger!

We've learnt that "Hunger is the enemy of weight loss".

We also learnt that there's a weight loss conundrum. Most people who have excess energy stored in their excess (fat) weight... don't actually have access to that energy. They're typically hungry throughout the day or low on energy. This drives them to eat more, or rely on willpower, which quickly gets exhausted.

The maths are revealing.

Someone who has 10 kilos to lose is storing about 77,000 calories of extra energy. That's enough energy to walk from Sydney to Melbourne and back without eating. How could they ever be hungry?

The answer is that their body's hormones block their access to this excess energy. We learnt that unless we address that issue, weight loss fails. 

That's when we changed from C.I.C.O. to a hormonal approach that recognises each person's Individual Carb Tolerance (ITC). With ICT we've learnt that one diet does not suit everybody's body. Our programs help each person discover their body's individual carb tolerance and what that represents in healthy fresh foods that they like.

The result? They lose weight without hunger and enjoying plenty of energy through the day.

Side effects? Most feel better. Less bloating. Less head fog and better mental focus. Energy typically improves. Reduced hunger and cravings. Less joint pain. Reflux may reduce. For women, menstrual issues may improve. For men, libido and function may improve.

Long term? When you get results, feel better and learn what foods suit your body, you're also learning how to sustain your weight loss. 

Exercise? You do not have to add exercise doing the Keto Fitness program. If you're already exercising - great! If not - don't be surprised that as you lose weight, get more energy and your joints feel better that you become more inclined to exercise, which is very desirable for your longevity, long term health and wellbeing.

With Keto Fitness we created a D.I.Y. program where the program, the lessons and the pocket planner guide you step-by-step. Because it does not have the weekly one-on-one coaching, we've been able to make it available at a very low cost.

Health is a life-long journey and the 6 week (+2 bonus weeks) Keto Fitness program can teach you valuable lesson that may serve you for life.

If you decide to give Keto Fitness a go, we look forward to hearing about your results.

Best of health,

Jamie Hayes

  • Fitness industry professional since 1981
  • Founder Healthy Inspirations and Dietflex
  • Co-founder Low Carb Down Under
  • Fitness and nutrition educator
  • Conference speaker
  • Presenter
  • Husband and father of 3 boys.