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Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility or to take account of one’s actions and to have a willingness to have your actions monitored on a regular basis. 

With weight loss, ‘actions’ means what you eat and drink.

Accountability is where the rubber meets the road, it requires follow-through and persistence.

Responsibility is when you make the decision about something or set a goal. A good goal has a roadmap with clear actions. The actions are dictated by the goal. 

Accountability goes further, you are not just responsible for these actions you take but you also take ownership of the longer-term outcomes of these actions.

Setting goals is easy but sticking to them takes self-discipline and ownership of the problem you want to solve. Just by making the statement “I want to lose some weight” alone does not establish a clear goal, or an action plan that leads to the results you desire.

The 8 Steps of Goal Setting

There are 8 steps that we go through as we move from victim behaviour where we have the belief that “Things always happen to me” to having a “Behaviour of Accountability where things happen because of me”.

If you have been struggling with starting on a weight loss program (or sticking to it) perhaps it’s because you’re not yet willing to take accountability. Check out the 8 steps below and be honest about where you think you are!

1.Unaware or in Denial

  • I don’t need to lose any weight I’m just big boned.
  • My parents were big and so am I.
  • I pretend there are no problems associated with my weight and willingly ignore them.
  • I have feelings of powerlessness and self-discipline.
  • I prefer to play a victim versus playing the victor.

2.Blame Others

  • It’s easier to blame others for not supporting me. I realise some friends are actually more comfortable if I’m bigger and eat the foods they eat. 
  • I’m aware there is a problem but deny responsibility and shift blame to others.
  • Fear of failing again makes it easy to blame current environment or friends and family.

3.”I can’t” excuses

  • I don’t have any time, I’m so busy.
  • I’ve tried everything, and nothing works for me.
  • I can’t go on a diet because I’ll have to eat food I don’t like and I can’t stand being hungry.
  • I hate exercise and all diets want you to do loads of exercise.

4.Wait and Hope

  • I know I need to lose weight but choose not to do anything about it now.
  • I don’t like going on a diet by myself so will wait until one of my friends joins me.
  • Maybe I’ll be fine once summer comes, as winter is so hard to lose weight.
  • Maybe I’ll be fine once winter comes, as summer is so hard to lose weight.

5.I Now Understand that I Can Do It

  • If you say you want to lose some weight and get and feel healthier, do it. It’s not complicated if you have a proven plan. It might not be easy but you have to take control and sit in the driver’s seat.
  • The time is right and I know I have the courage to do it.
  • I am realistic that this problem of losing weight needs to be solved and I’m now willing and realistic about what I need to do.

6.I OWN This

  • I am now accountable and proactive and own my weight problem.
  • I feel more empowered and more fulfilled. I now have hope.
  • I have made the decision and I will get it done.
  • I understand what I need to do to make sure I succeed and to take my commitment as seriously as I would if I made a promise to a loved one.
  • My mantra is: Don’t try – just do.

7.Find Solutions

  • I recognise that I am obviously not a weight loss expert and may need help.
  • I am actively looking for solutions that will work for me in solving my weight problem.
  • I don’t have all the answers but seeking recommendations from friends, family, work colleagues, FB and Google. (If you Google “weight loss” you will get 4.6 BILLION results.)
  • I’m highly motivated to start as soon as possible.

8.Make the Decision and Make it Happen

  • I’m incredibly excited to start and committed to action and getting results.
  • I am taking ownership by writing down and reviewing my goals daily.
  • I’m prepared to be a little uncomfortable in the short-term for long-term gain as I swap out old habits for new habits that will add to my quality of life.
  • I am learning to make small habit changes, embracing change, and rewarding myself.
  • I am feeling empowered, even powerful.

Once you have reached step 5 or above your mindset will move you closer to holding yourself accountable. You are now ready to make a commitment to yourself and to be held accountable for achieving your desired outcome.

Some of the things you will need to commit to are:

  1. Remove blame
  2. Set clear realistic goals
  3. Reward yourself when you achieve positive outcomes
  4. Do things you enjoy
  5. Remind yourself of your achievements
  6. Develop healthy habits
  7. Keep a schedule
  8. Keep track of your progress

The Keto Fitness 8 week online program adds an extra accountability layer by providing a clear plan of different areas to address each week.

You pre-plan meals in your Daily Planner, record your progress for weight, sleep, stress, extras, challenges, and exercise. This combination will help you stay motivated and contributes to your success.

By making the decision to get started on your weight loss program and owning this decision to take on this responsibility here are some outcomes to look forward to:

  • First 4 weeks * Increased energy, less brain fog and less or no more bloating.
  • Weeks 5 – 8 * Cravings have reduced or stopped all together and clothes are noticeably looser, especially around the waist.

If you continue with your new eating plan from week 9 onwards other benefits you will notice are:

  • Confidence is over the moon and starting to feel like you have your old self back.
  • Friends and family are really starting to notice your appearance and make comments about how fantastic you are looking.

If you are ready to make the decision to OWN losing weight now, Click on the Lose Weight Now button at the top of the page to get started.


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