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At last a simple, low carb program that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, with all the resources and support you might need to help you lose weight - without hunger.

why work with us?

We've already helped over 15,000 members lose over 150,000 kilos!

Proven Strategy

Learn the proven process - how to lose weight without hunger - from others who have already done the same...

Introducing the Keto Fitness Program for hunger-free weight loss. Our programs have now helped over 15,000 members (many 35 to 65) lose over 150,000 kilos - without hunger.

Get Instant access to the training, coaching and exclusive Keto Fitness community with other members that will help you lose weight without hunger.

Online Plus!

We've learnt that some aspects of the program work well online, like education lessons, downloads, recipes & how-to videos.

But we actually mail you a New Member pack so you have your own printed Daily Planner that makes following the Keto Fitness program really simple.

You actually start the online course as soon as you register, then a few days later your pack arrives in the mail.

Online But Not Alone

We've learnt that one of the keys to sticking to any program and getting great results is having access to support.

Although we have more expensive programs with weekly coaching, with Keto Fitness you're given access to our Member's Forum where you can ask questions anytime 24/7.

Plus there's a whole series of action guides with the answers to all the questions we've been asked over many years.

about us

We've combined weight loss research with lessons from coaches and members.

You'll also learn how you can:

  • Start losing weight and excess around your waistline straight away.

  • Learn about your body's Individual Carbohydrate Tolerance and what that means in foods you like.

  • Stop struggling with your weight and learn how to stay at your new weight.

  • Decrease inflammation that may be causing joint pain and support your body's natural resilience.

Plus you'll learn:

  • Learn EXACTLY what foods work for your body, reducing symptoms of inflammation like joint pain.

  • Get the answers to any questions and ongoing support.

  • Connect with other like-minded people who are on their own journey to better health.

  • Lose weight without having to do daily blood sugar or ketone measures.


Discover how our weight loss approach is different

Instead of counting calories, points or macros, we keep it simple by focusing on specific food choices based upon your body's individual carbohydrate tolerance.

Plus there's no step counting or need for high intensity exercise. It's sweat free! In fact, in the beginning we don't even ask you to do any exercise, or to increase any current exercise.  

But once you start losing weight and gaining more energy, we'll be encouraging you to add more physical activities and exercise.


Read what people say about us

I decide to give Keto Fitness a shot and the first week, I was over the moon because I did not have my normal cravings. Getting my appetite under control was a major win. Now, after 8 weeks the results have been outstanding. I've lost 6 kilos and 10 cm from my waist. I can now wear those beautiful "skinny" clothes that I had stored away.

Carol O'Halloran

Marketing expert

Keto Fitness is more than achieving amazing weight loss results it is the beginning to Total Health.
One of the driving philosophies shared by Keto Fitness, is that everybody’s body is different, and everybody’s physiology is different. Therefore, you must have a program that can be tailored to match your needs. The great news is that Keto Fitness is a process to get almost anyone from where they are … to where they enjoy health and feel fantastic!

Dr Eric Davis


"The thing I like about working with Jamie and Ellen Hayes (Founders of the Keto Fitness program) is their commitment to being on the cutting edge of what really works in weight loss.

Our members have lost over 11,000 kilos on their programs so far.

Gavin Marshall


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