April 19


School holidays, Easter or Christmas break, and annual holidays, can all be used as excuses for over-indulging. Being out of routine is another reason to over-indulge, skip your regular exercise or eat calorie-rich foods that you wouldn’t normally.

Holidays should be a time for relaxing and recharging and spending time with loved ones, not having to worry about your weight or worrying if you’ll still fit into your favourite swimsuit or favourite dress or jeans when you get home.

For many who have developed their new healthy habits it should be easy to get through a break, but holiday weight gain is a very common concern for many people. 

These tips may be familiar and as the saying goes “practice makes permanent”.

  1. Stay on-plan with your eating and drinking as much as possible. Prioritise protein in all meals and snacks. Many find that foods they haven’t eaten for a while now make them feel uncomfortable or bloated, so say no to these foods.
  2. Stick to your usual portion sizes and follow the One Plate rule (detailed in your Daily Planner). Of course, there may be a meal or two that you may go overboard, but one or two meals will not have much of an effect on your weight.
  3. Choosing meals that you eat with a knife and fork (versus hands) will work best for you. Slow down by putting down your cutlery between each mouthful and chewing your food slowly. Relax.
  4. Ensure you have stocks of protein powder and bars so if you do get hungry between meals that you know you are getting your protein in to maintain satiety.
  5. Holidays are a great time to sample some different foods and drinks or to do some cooking. Just “sample” with care and ensure that you aren’t hungry especially if you do some of the cooking. You don’t need any added temptation.
  6. If taking a plate to a function – take a plate that is on-plan and healthy to share.
  7. Desserts can become a focus at celebrations and holiday events. If you’re tempted just take a small piece and savour the taste. You may find that this may be more than enough. It’s amazing how over time our taste buds do change.
  8. Liquid calories from alcohol and flavoured soda drinks can accumulate very quickly and contribute to an increased desire for sugary and high carbohydrate foods. Soda water (bubbles) with lemon or lime is a great go-to with no carbs, just keep your glass topped up.
  9. Daily activity with your family could include walks after meals, walks along the beach, bike rides, playing frisbee in the park, nature hikes or swimming. Great for bonding.
  10. Holidays should be as stress-free as possible. Find time to read a book, do a puzzle, play board games, listen to music, do yoga on the beach, whatever brings you joy.
  11. Getting 7-9 hours sleep each night. Try to arrange going to bed and getting up around the same time each day. This will help you get restful sleep.
  12. An early morning walk in the sunshine will get you moving for the day and will help with your circadian rhythm for better sleep as well. A triple whammy if you also walk with a friend or family member for your socialisation daily pill.
  13. If you have had a big eating and drinking day then perhaps you may feel more comfortable skipping breakfast and going for a long walk or bike ride. Drinking water will help clear out your head, settle your tummy and re-hydrate you.
  14. Planning ahead for any functions will reduce your stress. It may be that you eat before you go, you take along a plate of on-plan foods or you decide that you will enjoy the function regardless and get back on-plan tomorrow.
  15. Walking home after an evening function or hitting the dance floor can help you feel better and add to your daily activity.

Some things to be aware of when going away:

  1. Airline food is full of carbs, or worse, carbs, sugar and fat.
  2. When you are hungry, if the only choice is to eat foods you know aren’t great for you, you will probably choose to eat the food regardless.
  3. If you choose the “off-plan” food, as you are aware you will eat less of it.
  4. Be aware that you may react to these foods, with bloating or heart burn.
  5. Many foods will now have a “sweet” taste, especially if you’ve weened yourself off sweet. 

“Out of all negatives comes a positive”

Now for the good news. Many of you will return home and smile when you step on the scales, and find your weight is the same as when you left.

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