September 22


The weather is warming up and so you’re going through your wardrobe to see what you feel good in or what you feel comfortable in. There are clothes strewn all over the floor and you’re now starting to feel some panic setting in!!!

What are you going to wear to the lunch (or dinner) that is scheduled for Saturday? Dining out, barbeque or pool party?

Imagine if you had followed an eating plan over winter, a plan that allowed your body to release those extra kilos you were wanting to get rid of, and more, so that now you can fit into all your clothes. However, you have been so successful that some of your clothes are now too big for you. Perhaps it’s time to re-gift these as you promise yourself you are never going back there.

What about your energy levels?

Perhaps you hate waking up every single morning. You have slept badly again, and you feel like you simply don’t have the energy to get out of bed or face the day. You struggle through the day, getting more and more frustrated and angry with yourself. 

You have no energy or inclination to cook a meal so end up having either take-away or opening a packet of pasta with a bottled sauce – something that is quick to prepare and cook. Once eaten, you’re hungry again within hours and raiding the pantry or fridge for anything that resembles food.

Then imagine this! You wake up after a good night’s sleep full of energy, you look forward to your early morning walk with a friend or your gym workout before enjoying your breakfast of pre-cooked savoury muffins and a black coffee with cream?

Your day is productive and after your mid-morning protein shake you have a lunch of leftovers from dinner last night. Easy!

Your day flies by and you’re now looking forward to meeting a friend that you haven’t seen for ages while a lovely meal that you batch-cooked over the weekend is heating in the oven. Easy!

The saved extra time allows you and your friend to make the most of your time together before enjoying the meal without any rushing or stressing out. And with a smart eating plan you can go (nearly) anywhere, and not even have to say “I’m on a diet.” And endure the conversation that follows.

Or maybe like many people you have spent your days and years looking after your kids, your partner, and more recently ageing and frail parents, as well as holding down a busy job. 

Is it now time for you?

There is simply no time for you to do any regular exercise, or to start a hobby, or even to take some time out to read a book or watch your favourite TV series. You feel despondent, not listened too, frumpy, not happy with yourself or your life, and not sure how to go about making any changes.

Who do you turn to for help? How do you take the first step? Where will you find the time in an otherwise busy schedule? 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick and easy way to fit into your clothes, have more energy in your days and be able to organise your life around the things that give you joy? Of course, you would still find time to look after your near and dear ones, and work, but without sacrificing your time for you.

Keto Fitness is an online step-by-step eating program that sets out what you eat, how much you eat and when to eat. Each meal (and snack) prioritises protein, with some healthy fat and loads of low-carb vegetables and some low-sugar fruits. It’s that simple and you’re never hungry. No willpower required!

We teach you how to easily pre-plan your meals for the week, give you shopping lists to make your shopping quick and stress-free without distractions, and a huge range of easy-to-cook family friendly recipes that you can batch-cook to save time, money, and waste.

Once you are eating a diet that is based on the right foods for your body you’ll find that you will not get hungry.

You’ll also lose the desire for sweet things. Reducing sugar in your foods will reduce cravings and migraines. Bloating will become a thing of the past and you will have so much energy you won’t believe it!

This eating plan will also optimise your blood sugar and insulin response to maximise your health. Any joint inflammation will subside, and with the extra energy you have, starting some daily exercise or movement will be easier. 

This will add to your self-esteem and your internal motivation to make further healthy changes. Your joints and muscles will benefit from the exercise as well as your mindset.

Positive emotions come from motion!

We have helped thousands of people over the last 20 years find a way of eating that is sustainable for life. They have more energy, better skin, a healthy mindset, and the self-confidence that now allows them to put themselves first. They have learnt the positivity of saying No.

They’ve learnt that by looking after themselves first, they can better look after their loved ones. It’s like the airplane advice “Put on your mask first”.

If you are feeling like you need some help to get from where you are to a happier, healthier you – we would love to show you how we can help you.

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